AS90967 - Paea Firikefu Participate actively in a variety of physical activities and explain factors that influence participation Achievement standard

Date 20/02/17

Activity: Turbo touch

The influence in my participation I didn't take part cause I didn't bring equipment gear when I needed it for turbo touch making me not participate in turbo touch.

Turbo touch is a activity that is like touch but allows you to pass forward and backwards any way you like passing, the amount of players needed are four or 5 players per team. To score a touchdown, the player with the ball must be standing with both feet in the touchdown zone before being touched.


Activity: Crab soccer

The influence in my participation I took part of the activity my participation was helping my team out by kicking the ball away from the other team scoring .

Crab soccer is a game only movement in the crab position is allowed for the entire game. leader drops the ball in the center of the field for a kick-off to begin the game, as well as after each point is scored. you can only kick the ball with your feet or head no hands are allowed.


Activity: Volley ball

My influence in my participation I did participate in the sport i had fun doing it my take was assisting helping the team


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