what i wish my teachers knew about me by mariah watts & Argentina Martinez

i wish my teachers knew my culture because it might be interesting for them or they might want to know more about it.

Argentina Martinez- My culture involves the country Mexico.

Mariachi is a group of people who sing to people and they do get paid.

the flag of MNexico is red, white ,and green and in the middle of the flag is an eagle.

the side of my moms family lives in Veracruz, the side of my dad lives in Aguascalientes ,in Veracruz my mom would say right now is kinda bad because people would come and just go to their houses and steal and can even kill you. In Aguascalientes its more calm to what i know. The president in Mexico is Enrique Peña Nieto, most people does not like him because he doesn't really do good stuff to the country and people hate the government from Mexico.


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