Secrets of the Sun By: Logan Braesch

It rains on the sun

The sun has its own dramatic wheather phenomenon too. The sun has plasma that is able to "act" like rain. When the plasma warms up and rises, it eventually falls back down on the sun and acts like rain.

The sun was created 4.6 BILLION years ago! When an enormous cloud of dust and gas formed (Nebula). When that was forming the sun was also in the making of forming.

Sun has siblings

When the sun was being created by clouds and dust, the "Solar Siblings" were scattered all across the Milky Way. Atronemers eventually reported the first "Sibling". A star call: HD 162826. The sun that was reported is warmer and 15% more massive than the sun we all know. The sun the that was reported is about 110 Light Years away from our sun. But its closest neighbor is 4.2 Light Years away from the sun


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