Bagan, the Ancient City MyANmar, may 1993

I arrived in Yangoon early May 1993. With my friend JYC, we were Impatient to visit the ancient city of Bagan. After a couple of days in Yangoon, we headed North to Bagan first by a night train for 3-4 hours and then by car.

On the way, the sun rose magically with the softest light.
We stopped in a village by the roadside for a break. The market had just opened , people were busy trading and having breakfast. The beautiful morning light was a blessing.
It was a bit chilly and everyone had a different wat to cover up, always very gracefully and in style.
Later in the day we arrived in Bagan and afterr a good might sleep we woke up very early to witness the sun rising over the ancient city and its pagodas
No hot air balloons, no marathoners and hordes of tourists. This is how the Ancient City of Bagan felt almost 24 years ago.
Two Burmese girls with Thanaka applied on their cheeks, for cosmetic beauty but also protection from the sun. Natural and beautiful.
On May 7 1993, it was over and it was time to head back to Singapore. iI have not been back since then
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