Ballers by: cameron brimhall

community motto: "ball is life"

Mission Statement: " because basketball improves your mental and physical health, we insure you get the best experience".

Our community seal is a basketball because all we do is ball it up.


Every morning you must wake up and make 500 shots, you must eat a healthy breakfast, you have to workout through the afternoon and evening, you must eat everything in every food group in the right amounts, you must improve your game every day, ball it up everyday, you must attend weekly all-star game,if you don't improve you will be demoted to a lower league, if you don't like sports you will not be in this community.

Location: california coast

  • Schedule:
  • 6 am: wake up
  • 7 am: eat breakfast
  • 8 am: agility
  • 9 am: 500 shots
  • 10 am: free time
  • 11 am: free time
  • Noon: lunch
  • 1 pm: game
  • 2 pm: game
  • 3 pm: work out
  • 4 pm: free time
  • 5 pm: dinner
  • 6 pm: free time
  • 7 pm: free time
  • 8 pm: all-star game on Friday, or bed.

Government: we have a monarchy here. The best basketball player is the ruler, but our ruler can be changed if there is a better player than him and beats him on one on one.

Come to our "Ballers" community and you will be the best fit, best player, strongest fastest person around.

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