Beekeeper By:Zach berndt

First, there was a swarm of bees, a purse with $100, and a banana peel.

Second, there was a lady walking down the street.

She was a short, blonde lady.

Well, she was also a beekeeper.

Around the wall by the building, she was tending to her bees.

As she was walking swiftly, the bee started to follow her.

She went in the building, to change.

When she left, the bees, followed her.

The lady, Mary Jane, did not notice the bees following her.

She hummed, “It’s as easy as one,two,three,” as she walked down the street.

She could hear something behind her, and she turned around to see the bees.

Mary Jane, who had been a beekeeper her whole life, got completely surprised and started to run when she tripped on a banana peel and dropped her purse with $100 in it.

She will never forget that day, February 12, 2016.

She also remembers where she was in Houston, Texas.

She even wrote a letter to her work starting with,” Dear John, I have chosen to not work as a beekeeper anymore.”

Before leaving, the lady also talked to her boss.

Created By
Zach Berndt


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