21st Century Visual Communications on Campus Liberty University

Lots of excitement on campus...

Year 1




Lessons Learned

Next Steps


Awareness and adoption across disciplines (residential)

Preparation for our SACS Reaffirmation/QEP

Chronicle of Higher Ed (June 9, 2016) Employers really value soft skills that are the bedrock of a liberal-arts education. But many employers are also looking for applicants with additional, specific skills, such as knowledge of Java or other programming languages, or proficiency with graphic-design tools like InDesign or Adobe Suite. (Matthew Sigelman, Chief Executive at Burning Glass Technologies)


Awareness campaigns

Building institutional knowledge of how various schools were using the products in curriculum

Establishing training and support for products

Collecting feedback on how platforms worked/did not work in class settings

Marketing success stories (to administration, other academic units, and public)

  • 2 Semifinalists-Adobe Design Achievement Awards
  • Press releases
  • Data on learning outcomes
  • Faculty recognition

Celebrating with students


Initial Schools with substantial adoption

Communications & Creative Arts


Social Work

Health Sciences


General Studies

Engineering & Computational Science




Faculty self reporting (adoption)

Students Assessment Day surveys (awareness, adoption, value)

I absolutely love having the use of these tools at my fingertips while I'm here! It really helps me to get all of my school work and personal work done well and efficiently!

Course Specific Data-ENGL 101 and 102 impact

English 101-Visual Literacy Assignment

Students did very, very well in making the big points in the argument, explaining the benefit of doing the argument in a visual format, and explaining how the images are used to argue the point......Tentatively, the data suggests asking students to use a visual format to make a visual argument, then to explain the "why" behind their visual choices, meant that they grasped their own arguments better. Doing this adds another level of reinforcement to the learning process. (Dr. Emily Heady, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education & Dean of the College of General Studies)

English 102-Poetry Project

Our initial conclusion from the data is that the visual nature of the Adobe suite helps students acquire knowledge about, analyze, and discuss meaningfully texts that are largely visual in nature. (Dr. Emily Heady, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education & Dean of the College of General Studies)

Status of QEP Proposal

  • Going through reaffirmation processes during 2016
  • Continue building research related uses

Lessons Learned

Hard to measure organic adoption

  • Mobile apps
  • Students using CC for classes where not required

Hard to measure this type of impact on student learning outcomes

  • Must teach faculty how to assess visual content and how to measure its effectiveness
  • Will take time to gather appropriate data

Adoption is easier with some platforms than others

  • Mobile Apps are the easiest to adopt
  • Creative Cloud is the next step
  • AEM Mobile and Marketing Cloud are more difficult to put into curriculum

Adobe supports new territory better than most

  • Willing to listen to higher ed challenges
  • Working to facilitate even when there is no established plan already
  • Continued interest in our success

Next Steps-Year 2

Focus on Creative Cloud (awareness, adoption, training, measurement)

  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Premiere
  • Muse
  • Photoshop

Enhance Analytics

  • Continue gathering data in English classes
  • Establish more data analysis processes with other departments
  • Expand faculty training on assessment
  • Continue to work with Adobe to get more insight into usage

Expand into Marketing Cloud

  • School of Business working with Adobe on platforms and curriculum needs

Student Work Examples

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