Check Before You Chat Common Issues that Prevent Initial Packaging

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 Acceptance:

o Students need to be accepted into a degree-seeking program. A student’s acceptance and program can be seen in SAAADMS and SGASTDN.


o Students need to have a FAFSA on file to be packaged with aid. This can be seen in RRAAREQ, RNANAxx, or RNIAPPL. (A helpful indicator is to see if the student has a Pell EFC in ROARMAN)

 C-Codes, NSLDS issues, PLEU, Aggregate Loans

o If a student is flagged for any NSLDS issues, C-Codes, or a PLEU review, this will prevent packaging. Check the Options tab in RRAAREQ to see if there is a checked box under Packaging for the requested item.

o Check RNASLxx for Aggregate loan limits.

 Mixed ISIR

o A mixed ISIR will prevent packaging. Check RNANAxx under the Plans and Education Background tab and ensure that the titles: Year in College; Banner Year in College; and Degree or Certificate, match the degree level the student is pursuing.

 Grants currently runs a report once every week to catch students who have mixed ISIR’s AND enrollment in classes for a current or future term.


o If a student is on SAP Suspension, he or she cannot be packaged. Check ROASTAT under the Eligibility Status tab.

 Additionally, an unpackaged student will not be systematically packaged by Banner if they are on SAP for the fall term and then earn “Good Standing” for spring without appeal. This normally occurs when a student bypasses the SAP appeal process and simply earns a Good Standing by achieving good grades or a satisfactory completion rate. They will need to be sent for packaging review because Banner still thinks the student is on SAP for the year.

 Holds

o Any Fraud Holds, except for Fraud Suspected (FS), will prevent packaging. Look for FC, FD, FE, FI, FO, and FY in ROAHOLD to determine whether a fraud hold is preventing packaging.

o Broken Enrollment (BE) Holds and Consortium Agreement (CO) Holds will also prevent packaging.


o If there is anything listed in line 18, the student will not be initially packaged. He/She has a Repackaging flag for various reasons and Banner should not automatically adjust their aid.

o Lines 41-45 will also prevent packaging because the student was flagged as eligible for a large type of institutional aid such as CE/DGIA or LCA/TCS. These students are manually reviewed by Financial Aid advisors who will apply the Institutional aid and then package the student if they are eligible at the time of review.

 Packaging is done in this manner to prevent the likely situation where these students will need an Overaward review during the aid year.

 Error Packaging Groups

o Error packaging groups will keep students from being packaged. These are found in RPAAWRD under the Packaging Group tab.

o If a student has an ERROR packaging group that is no longer valid, WAIT for lifecycle to run at least once for the appropriate aid year (1-3 days) and then send the ID for further review if there are no additional holds preventing packaging.

o Common Error examples and REASONS to review after 1-3 days’ timeframe.

 ERR3- Not Accepted: Student is now accepted per SAAADMS

 ERR4- Invalid Aid Period: This student has a nonstandard aid period due to an LQ or early graduation date, and a lock was not placed on the packaging group. Compliance runs a weekly report to clean these up. Please allow at least 1 week for review.

 ERR10- Special Student: Student is now accepted in a program that is eligible for TIV aid for the present or future term.

 ERR11- Spring Broken Enrollment: Send for Review if student has a new accepted application per SAAADMS for the present or future term.

 ERR12- Fall Broken Enrollment: Send for Review if student has a new accepted application per SAAADMS for the present or future term.

 ERR13- Fraud: Student has cleared Fraud review for the aid year.

 ERR14- Verification: Student has cleared Verification Review per ROASTAT.

 ERR15- Degree in Passing: Student earned a CRT, CTG, AA or EDS degree, but was accepted in a higher-level program such as BS, MA, M.B.A M.Div., Ed.D in the semester that earned the degree in passing. Compliance runs a monthly report to catch these and review as needed.


o Check SPACMNT for Financial aid notes to see if there is a reason that the student is not packaged.

**Sometimes, a student’s COA may not allow a student to be packaged with certain types of aid. In these instances, check RBAPBUD/RBIABPR to see if the student’s budget matches his/her actual enrollment in ROAENRL. If there is a difference, check SPACMNT to see if a processor reduced the budget due to DCP or Acceptance issues. **

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