Publishing Is Within Reach for Graduates With this CURRICULUM proposal

Centenary University states that with a Bachelor of Arts in English Creative Writing, it “can help bring [the next great American novel or poetry collection] that is inside” of a student to life. (Centenary University 2016) Even though the university’s current Creative Writing program will enrich its students and help them “learn how to tell compelling, memorable stories”, there is no mention about how the program will help the students publish their works. (Centenary University 2016) The struggle to publish after graduation is a legitimate issue many young, hopeful authors face, and there is little evidence to support that Centenary University is doing much to combat that issue. This proposal was comprised to provide insight into possible curriculum changes that can make publishing easier for graduating students. It is composed of three major changes to the curriculum that are explained, and with supporting evidence shown to be beneficial to the creative writing students at Centenary University.

3 Changes to Make Publishing an Obtainable Goal for Centenary Graduates:

1. Mandatory Study Abroad to enrich a student’s life and experiences beyond the university campus. The location of the Study Abroad would be chosen by the student.

Lack of experience = Difficulty in publishing

2. Mandatory co-writing internships or projects with other aspiring authors or published authors. This experience would help get the student’s name out in the publishing world so that when they publish their own pieces, they already have gained some recognition.

Perfecting the craft and getting one's name out there.

3. Mandatory writing internships per year that could publish anything from a news article to an advertisement of a product. This would provide experience into other options as a Creative Writing major, it would also help build connections for jobs after graduation.

Connections = Advantages

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