Vampire Weekend The Radley's

Eggs sizzled in the pan and the news was playing on the television as any other typical white, picket fence families morning was going. Except what all the houses around 17 Orchard Lane failed to notice was on key detail, they were vampires... The Radley's are the weird family on the block, but no one would have thought they were weird enough to be vampires. Helen and Peter Radley have two kids, Clara and Rowan, and life as it is seems normal to them, but what happens when one day their entire world flips upside down. Innocent Clara is at a party with her friends when a boy tries to get a little to personal. Clara freaks and a unknowningly, animalistic drive comes out of no where and she bits and kills the boy. As she sucks the blood out of his weak body, she feels stronger and more capable than ever before. What has she just done? What does she tell her parents or the police? What is she? Her parents rush to the scene and clean everything up and burn her clothes and the remaining carcase. Now what?

Concealing what you really are along with craving everything that is socially unacceptable is the constant battle of the Radley Family. The taste of blood is what every single vampire craves, but what do you do if that genetic, animalistic drive is the thing that could ruin your entire way of life as you know it.
Lights, Camera, Action! After hundreds of years of being alive, Vampires have seen every up and coming invention including the camera. This film and canister contains the seemingly unobtainable actors of The Radley's who fit the persona of these characters such as Emma Stone for Mrs. Radley.
The smell of blood is like opening a new container of detergent.... refreshing. The taste of blood is like drinking cool, crisp water after a long soccer game... rejuvenating. Picking and choosing bloods are like selecting the most delicate and expensive wine at a restaurant. Deciding on a wine to feed the most animalistic drives and cravings can be near to impossible.
Spain, Italy, France... Honey, grab the bags it is time for our honeymoon to the most vampire infested areas in the world. Look at the sights and the city from all the way up here! Good thing bats can fly everywhere and see the city from new heights. Make sure to write postcards to your parents, Helen, so they are not to worried about us.
Woosh! The wind is really picking up now and his wings are practically collapsing underneath him. He has got to get away though, the police are on there way and the further he flies from the crime scene the better. Never let them know anything are the key words to live by as a Vampire especially if your name is Will Radley.


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