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I selected this school because...

  1. Location: not too far, not too close
  2. Not too big of a school and not too small.
  3. I like the fact that it offered study abroad and many varieties of that program.


"Kent is kinda in the middle of nowhere and it is not always fun how this place is designed to be a wind tunnel. It is deadly.

-Matthew Elmore

Kent State is approximately 2 hours and 19 minutes away from Hilliard, Ohio and about 141 miles away.

"We have our black squirrels here that are pretty unique."

-Matthew Elmore

Indoor Swimming at Athletic facility

How many students? about 23,607

60% of population are women, 40% are men

Fraternities and Sororities are offered

Social Atmosphere

"The social atmosphere is usually pleasant I guess. It is kind of tense right now since the election because Kent is mostly liberal."

-Matthew Elmore

Sports offered:

  • Baseball (M)
  • Softball (W)
  • Cross country (M/W)
  • Field Hockey (W)
  • Football (M)
  • Golf (W/M)
  • Gymnastics (W)
  • Soccer (W)
  • Track and Field (W/M)
  • Volleyball (W)
  • Wrestling (M)
Downtown Kent


#101 in top Public Schools

#188 in top National Universities

#2 in top Fashion schools

"And we are either 2nd or 4th in the nation for our fashion department."

-Matthew Elmore


Popular majors at Kent:

  • Business Management
  • Marketing
  • Health Professions
  • Education
  • Psychology

Study Abroad:

  • Florence, Italy
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • Korea
  • Japan
  • Brazil

Florence, Italy

I am interested in majoring in Health Professions so that I can later get my Masters and become a Physical therapist. Kent State is ranked #37 in their Health Rehabilitation counseling programs.


Average GPA: 3.36

Aveage ACT composite score: 23

Average SAT score:

Math- 530 average

Reading- 530 average

Writing- 510 average

Class rank

Top 10- 14%

Top quarter- 39%

Top half- 77%

Dorms at Kent State

  • 25 residence halls to choose from

"I like the dorms, depending on what building you get, they can be better."

-Matthew Elmore

Manchester Hall

Centennial Court D


$45 Application fee

Tuition for Ohio Resident: $10,012

Room and Board: $10,720

Books: $1,200

Transportation: $1,458

Miscellaneous: $2,124

Basic meal plan: $1,980

Total for an Ohio Resident: $27,539

Meal Plans

Basic meal plan: $1,980

$1,980/16 weeks= $123.75 per week/7 days= $17.69 per day

This meal plan is most popular and for students with moderate appetite. Basic plan rolls over from fall to spring but not past spring semester.

Food coolness- Fork in the road food truck

"The food is like a 6.5-8/10."

-Matthew Elmore

Campus Involvement


Sand Volleyball tournaments

Bubble Soccer

Kin-Ball tournaments

  • Flag football
  • Indoor soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Kin-Ball tournament
  • Bubble soccer tournament
  • Sand Volleyball tournament

Kent State Shooting: May 4, 1970

  • 13 students were shot by the Ohio National Guard at a student demonstration.
  • Four were killed and nine were wounded.
  • The demonstration began after President Richard Nixon announced the invasion on April 30th.
  • Students rioted for the next four days including in Downtown Kent and set the ROTC building on fire.
  • School officials banned the May 4th rally with ptential for more violence to occur but the students rallied anyway.

Final Conclusions

  • Yes, I do think I would consider this school when I am searching for college. I like how this school offers study abroad, is somehwat challenging to be accepted in, and has a nice campus. This campus also gives many opportunites to be involved with university such as intramurals, football games, and the ability to be on a sport team.
  • I was surprised about the major shooting that happenend in 1970. I knew nothing about it and it was cool finding out the history of this school- the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • This University may be the perfect choice for someone who is looking to go into Fashion for a somewhat affordable price. This school is 2nd in the nation and is two hours away from Columbus, Ohio.

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