Monica's Great adventure By Bailea McDermott

Monica's journey started in the beautiful lake were she was born, as she grew older Monica always wanted to travel to the beautiful clouds were she would glide across the fluffy white clouds with her brothers and sisters.

The next day monica and the other rain drops rose to what seemed to look like what she had dreamed of visiting her whole life, they were rising up to the clouds.

"Wow!" Monica exclaimed, "this is where i have always dreamed of going"!.

As monica and the others rose to the clouds they all plopped on the fluffy white clouds, Monica was very shy, there was lots and lots of other rain drops. All of the drops stared at Monica and her little brothers and sisters.

"What?", monica asked.

The other raindrops kept staring, it didn't seem that they were staring at monica anymore they were staring right by them, monica looked around and saw a huge hot ball of looks like fire rising right behind the clouds.

The rain drops were starting to evaporate out of the sky, Monica and the others started falling from the clouds, the suns heat radiated through the air, Monica and the others were fearful as they fell from the grey, wet clouds that were once fluffy and white. They wer precipitating out if the sky.

"Why are we falling?" Monica asked in fear.

"I don't know!", yelled her little brother.

The sky was full of rain drops, as Monica and the others fell from the sky, they were getting closer and closer to the lake.

As they were almost at the lake a dust of wind started to move all of the rain drops to the side were there was lots of land. Monica was very confused, they were not that far away from the lake.

"What is this place?", Monica asked. No one answered so she started walking back to the lake.

The other water drops didn't know what to do so they followed Monica into the water, Plopp!!, Monica had fallen into the lake were the rest of family lived.

Monica looked around and she saw nothing, "maybe they went up to the clouds to", she commented under her breath, " maybe they were looking for me. Later that evening Monica saw a huge dust of water accumulating into the water.

"What was that!", Monica gasped. She saw her mom and dad flowing into the large lake. "Mom!", "Dad!". Monica's mom and dad was happy to see Monica.

Monica had wokin up feeling the hot sun sitting on the top if the lake, she started evaporating into the air , Monica saw her mom and dad rising to, "Mom"!!, "Dad"!, "why are we floating"?, her mom and dad started disappearing into the air, Monica could not think of why the were gone to fast, Monica looked at herself and couldn't see a thing.


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