Mt, krakatoa, Indonesia, August 16th-28th,1883 Nakia Kennebrew

this is Krakatoa.
this is the ash Krakatoa gave out.
this is a sketch of how krakatoa looked during the tsunami.
ON August 16-28th a a small mountain caused a catastrophe. At first it gave out regular rumblings and venting from the volcano for about 200 years.It gave out small blasts out of 3 vents. On August 11th it gave out ash. The volcano had ash 20 miles long in the air and rumbles caused a couple tsunamis. Beginning at 5:30 A.M on august 27 it was 4 major eruptions. The last made the loudest sound ever recorded on earth. Tsunamis overwhelmed hundreds of villages on the coasts of Java and Sumatra.

Coral blocks weighed up to 600 tons ended up on shore. 35,000 people died. The volcano threw so much rock ash and pumice in the atmosphere. The sun was blocked out for a couple DAYS. The volcano so powerful the sun seemed to appear in strange colors. to people all over the world. Everything has changed in Krakatoa except a tiny area.

destroyed- perboewatam, Danan and places the nothern half of Rakata collapsed into the vacating magma chamber. It destroyed 2/3 of the island etc.

over 35,000 people were killed from the eruption

their arent any sites or records that says people survived the catastophe. 165 villages and town were destroyed and 132 seriously damged-

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