He believes

He has a passion for the game, says his many tennis racquets, strewn across the floor;

He doesn't have enough time, says the clock on his dresser beside a tennis ball;

He is unique, says his TCU trash can with a dead tennis ball inside it;

He is very intelligent, says the solved Rubik's Cube on his dresser.

He values exersize, says his sports equipment ina pile together by the door;

He enjoys music, says his choir pieces left open by his bed;

He has a lot of pride, says his water bottle that's decorated with a sticker of his school;

He values communication, says his plugged in iPhone near a tennis ball.

He believes the glass is half full, says the cup filled up halfway under the lights;

He believes that life is fun, says the deck of cards on his dresser;

He trusts God's path for him, says the open doors around his house;

He is a true Christ lover, says the decorations all over the Christmas tree.

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