Raccoon by Jake

The raccoon is a very loveable animal because it looks cute. Racoons are a very close relative to the bear. They reach to around 2.5 feet in length and weigh around 12-16 pounds. Ones that live in colder climates weigh more than raccoons in warmer climates.

Did you know that the raccoon's hand is just like a humans? They have five fingers; which they mostly use for gathering food.

Raccoons are nocturnal ( they only come out at night) but they can sometimes be found within daylight hours. They are also solitary animals so they don't travel together.

Raccoons are normally found in North America. The Raccoon was also a main character in a film called Furry Revengence.

This video is about raccoons trying to get in a rubbish bin. It is very funny!

Thank you for watching my page about raccoons; I enjoyed making it and I hope you enjoyed watching it!


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