The Amazing Mayan and Olmec Civilizations

The Olmec Culture

The Olmecs major civilizations were located in Guatemala and Mexico. In Guatemala, they lived in the southwestern pacific lowlands.This civilization had flourished in 1500 BCE to around 400 BCE.

Statue from Olmecs in Southwest Guatemala

They had farms for food and they had hunting skills as well. Then they made a community with different jobs to support for their survival. Also, Mathematics were one of the things that they had accomplished. The way they did this was by having a calendar system, and they required the number zero. This civilization also accomplished making a water drainage system.They would sculpt heads out of basalt and they were called Tres Zapotes Heads. They also had left behind sculptures of what seemed to represent rulers.

The Mayan Lowlands

They lived in the Yucatan Peninsula which is the northern part of Central America. They flourished in 1511 AD to 1697 AD. The lowlands farmed to survive like the Olmecs. They had also established major temples and cities, and they had many farms for their crops and they left it behind.

Mayan Lowland Area

Mayan Highlands

Mayan Highland Area

The highland region was located in the Central American mountain region. And the Highland flourished in 1200 to 1539 AD. The highland survived by building a society with different jobs. They had made many accomplishments such as really accurate calendars. Not only did they do that, but they also established cities.

Social Hierarchy

Upper Class:

The upper class were Noble Rulers, they were basically kings of each Mayan city.

Lower classes:

The lower classes were merchants, government workers, and artisans.


The Mayan Religion was of astronomy and rituals. They worshiped gods known to them as gods of aspects of nature. Such as the sun god and the rain god.

Art and Architecture:

Art and architecture to the Mayans were important because there were lots of art decor on their temples and pyramids.

Science and Math:

They came up with a very accurate calendar and they had been interested in astronomy.

Writing and Oral tradition:

Writing and tradition was important as well, because they had many rituals as tradition for their gods.

In conclusion, both the Olmec and Mayan culture are very interesting and fascinating. And a lot of their architecture and work they left behind is a beautiful way to escape from your own world into a place with sites and views that you've never seen before.

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