New York By: Hayden Haynes

State Nickname : The Empire State

State's Capital : Albany, New York

When It Became A State : July 26, 1788

Official New York Stuff is... Bluebird ( Official Bird ), Rose ( Official Flower), Nine Spotted Lady Bug ( Official Insect).

Fact #1: Michael Jordan, Jay-Z , And Jennifer Lopez are all from New York.

Fact #2 Today New York is home to more than 19 millon people!

Key Industry: Healthcare

Key Site : American Museum

FAST FACT: New York was almost the capitol of the United States


Created with images by Unsplash - "new york city skyline" • Unsplash - "empire state building new york city skyscraper" • Jirka Matousek - "Albany New York" • .Lαurα. - "untitled image" • LoggaWiggler - "rose rose bloom bloom" • - "Coccinella - Lady bug, Macro" • winnu - "1-A64Q0655aaa" • nick step - "Jay-Z" • colecamp - "Michael Jordan's Steakhouse" • Ana Kley - "Jennifer Lopez | Pop Music Festival | 23.06.2012" • Fenriir - "statue of liberty new york monument" • sergiosantos9 - "Two Doctor Figurines Healthcare Stock Photo" • Phil Roeder - "National Museum of Natural History" • Free Grunge Textures - - "New York State Grunge Flag" • Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the BPL - "Chart of the entrance of Hudson's River, from Sandy Hook to New York, with the banks, depths of water, sailing-marks, & ca." • Mediamodifier - "usa american flag cracked usa flag"

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