Saturn BY: Diamond

Name of the planet is Saturn..
The Size: the of Saturn is 74,867 miles.
The period or rotation and revolution - Saturn revolves around the sun in a slightly elliptical. The rotation of Saturn is 10 hours and 14 minutes. Saturn year (revolution) is 29 years
Average distance from the sun - The average distance to the sun from Saturn is 888.2 million miles .
The origin of the planet : The origin of Saturn is the Roman mythology the father of Jupiter.

Average surface temperature or range of temperature - The temperature of Saturn is 288 degrees fahrenheit and 178 degrees celsius .
4 Interesting Facts - 1. Saturn and its moons are like a miniature version of the solar system. 2. Saturn’s rings are mostly ice, but other chemicals are present too. 3. The journey to Saturn will take about 20 years you will need a very big spaceship to carry enough supplies. 4. Saturn is big enough to hold 760 earth’s.


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