GREEK MYTHOLOGY By: Raeleigh rusk

4 good allusions related to gods and goddesses: 1. Achilles heel means: Achilles heel in your weak spot or your weakness. 2. the King Midas touch: to be as good as gold. To be great in some way. 3. Trident gum: Like Poseidon, he was the protector of the sea and this certain gum was supposed to protect your teeth. 4. Ajax cleaner: Ajax was a strong warrior in the wars. The warrior was very tough and this cleaner is supposed to be as tough as dirt!

Athena the great powerful goddess and Zeus the god of all gods are the first ones we will be talking about. Athena and Zeus were both jealous in my opinion. They never wanted to be out-talented. Medusa the great and scary snake headed monster and Hera the wife of Zeus. They both were very pretty and often were wanting people to get them to like them.

Perseus and Heracles are both great heroes. They have braveness, courage and love for their family. Hades and the cyclops. The cyclops was evil and rude. he thought he was better then Zeus! And Hades the god of the underworld. He was just cruel. He wanted to marry someone and you know how how he did it? He kidnapped the woman!

Greek Mythology is one of my favorite things to study. Nobody knows what it was like and if it really happened. Medusa is my favorite story. She has her side of the story and others have theirs. It was amazing how Athena just did it. They're are many stories with Greek Mythology. Go read them all!

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