Sandy Morales-Reyes pHOTOGRaphy 1

This image is one of my favorites. I took this for the leading lines photo challenge, and my favorite thing from this picture is that the trunk of the tree is really in focus that you can really notice the detailing like the pattern of the trunk and its texture. Also liked that the top half of the tree is more blurry so it kind of has a gradient effect. The last thing I liked about it was that it can also be a point of view image since its taken at a more beneath angle.
This photo was taken during the color photo challenge and i thought that a picture of pumpkins would be cool because they are really colorful, and look nice. i was trying to mostly get the pumpkins in focus since they were the main object i was trying to get. I did like how it turned out because there was good colors in it like orange and the black and pink that stood out in the background.
For this photo I was trying to get a leading lines type of photo and have the rose as the main object. This photo is by far my favorite picture that i have took just because i like that it has a lot of simplicity, and that is something i like, and also that when you look at it right away your eye is drawn to the rose because it really stands out.
This is a picture that I took just for fun. I was trying to get a variety of colors to stand out which is why i pot colorful flowers , and I put them off to the side not exactly in the middle, because i wanted to get the rule of thirds too. I was trying to get the back not as in focus as the flowers because the flowers are the main object. I liked how it turned out because I thought it was creative.
This picture I was taking for fun. I was trying to get the two flowers in focus as much as possible so that you can see the detailing on them, like each petal in them and the texture too.

Artist Statement: The reason of why I like taking pictures is because I enjoy it I like feeling that I can turn a shoe for example into art by just simply finding the right angles and lighting. Something that inspires me to do this is just thinking of all the cool places and things you can discover while taking pictures, as well as when I see other pictures that artists have taken they inspire me to try harder too. What this represents to me is something unique and special, because you can literally create moments with photography whether its at a family party or a vacation trip but you will always have it to look back at those moments later in life. What is unique and special of how I make it is that every time I do it I like to try out new things so that they do not always come out so similar to each other, and so each one is unique in its own way. What this is to me is basically a way of adventuring and taking your mind off of things because when you are taking shots the only thing that is in your head is what your doing at that moment... capturing a moment.

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