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I am a media teacher. I have made it my mission to use my lens to capture the #redfored movement!

Welcome to my world! My name is Jeff Southwick, and I am a teacher (23 years this year), a producer, a writer, a musician, a photographer, and a filmmaker. I am a lover of digital media. Film, photography, animation, and music production... if it involves a computer and creativity, I do it. The old adage, "Jack of all trades, master of none." is something I work hard everyday to prove wrong. I take great pride in advancing my repertoire of skills. From early days of four track tape recorders and 35mm film, I quickly realized the advantages of digital forms of these mediums. Below are some examples of my work. All the images and videos you see below are mine. Please contact me at jeff@singlemanstudios.com or 623-203-0979 for more information about working with me.

Music & Music Video Production

A track I created that started from a simple group of samples and ended up as the largest recording I've had to date. The track features my student Maisy Nolan (see Arsonist's Lullaby below) and my school's choir. I set up recording sessions at multiple locations and brought everything back together at Singe Man Studios.

Creating a cover to such a great song as “Arsonist’s Lullaby” by Hozier was a challenge in and of itself. While I am sure that my vision and the metaphors I used throughout the video are probably nothing Andrew Hozier-Byrne had in mind when writing it; interpretation is the beauty of art in the end.

San Fransisco Street Photography
Dance Pictures

Commissioned to write music for "What Lurks Under Your Bed"

Video from first live performance (choreographed by Cori Hailmann)

Portrait Work
Landscape / Urban

Tribute Video I Created for Sterling Johnson (Original Song)

Just Being Me
My Creative Space

Soundtrack & Foley Work

Mikey is an incredibly gifted former student. He asked me if I would be interested in creating the foley (ambient sound effects) and the musical soundtrack for his short film, "Fred." I received a cut that basically only had the dialogue in it, there were almost NO other sounds... and that's where I came in...

Created By
Jeff Southwick


All photos copyright Jeff Southwick @ Single Man Studios

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