"We Are One" By Jonathan and Tyler

American Soldiers guarding the internment camps
Japanese American men, women, and children in a internment camp
Japanese being excluded from white neighborhoods
Discrimination towards Japanese Americans
Asian Americans were drafted during the war
More women had to be drafted into war
Women working in factories to supply the military
Women had to serve men during the war
Women had to take over the men's jobs while they were in war but lost their jobs after the war
After the war, women faced unequal treatment


  • Both Asian American and Women served in the war
  • Asian Americans and women struggled to find work after the war was over
  • Both were not seen as a equal
  • Both faced unequal treatment


  • Japanese Americans were seen as threats to society and excluded from society
  • Japanese Americans were sent to internment camps
  • Women had a "double shift" to work for their boss and then their family


How were they treated? They faced unequal treatment after the war. They were kicked out of their jobs.

How did they respond to such treatment? They built their reputation by doing "men" work during the war.

Did they contribute anything to the cause of the war (WWII)? They helped manufacture supplies for the war and treated the wounded. They also took over men jobs.

What is your analysis? Opinion? Reaction to the action(s) taken by each community? Women contributed greatly during the war and I feel that was a big step in bringing more equal rights and opportunities for women.

Asian American

How were they treated? Asian Americans were excluded from society and faced racism such as racist remarks on the streets, being not allowed in certain places, and being known for being a threat just because they are Japanese. (mostly Japanese)

How did they respond to such treatment? The Congress passed the Magnuson Act which repealed the Chinese Exclusion Act

Did they contribute anything to the cause of the was (WWII) ? 250,000 Filipino men joined the U.S. armed forces, as well as Chinese Americans. Chinese American women served by working on the home front

What is your analysis? Opinion? Reaction to the action(s) taken by each community? I think that the treatment of Asian Americans was unfair because just because the U.S. was at war with Japan Japanese Americans were saw as threats so they were stripped of all their possessions and forced to live in internment camps. Also Chinese and Filipino Americans faced racism and unequal treatment but not as much as the Japanese Americans


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