Stock Market Game By Rya washington

The stock market game is not a easy game. There's not much rules but a important tip is to make sure you don't get a expensive share in businesses and make sure your business that you are getting a share in is not below there money rate and there more above and doing good

This is good and what you want to see
This is bad and what you don't want to see

The Resources I use were Google and Yahoo Finance. Google was a good help because it would help you find the stock name you need for a company you choose to buy a share of. Yahoo Finance is a good resource because it shows you how the company share you want to buy is doing if the price is low or high.

This is a example of Google show you the company in this case apple.

This is the same but Yahoo Finance showing Apple.

Apple is doing bad.

Some strategies for investment I would recommend is to get the big and more popular companies and see what there prices are to get a share of it. I first went for was Apple probably like everyone else. Some companies that people go for are like Home Depot, Starbucks, Samsung, Apple, etc.... Another strategy is to keep up to date on Stock Market because you can get placed back really fast like what happened to me. I failed at keeping up to date on Stock Market where I got placed back.

How you should make decisions to buy certain stocks is to check there price and see how they are doing like if they are low or high.

For my example I am going to use Google

This is what you want to be looking for, but Google is more expensive. The name is called GOOGL.
This not what you want to be looking for the price is going down.
This shows you some thing with Google like the day's range. The day's range for google is $931.00-$942,00.
This show how much it should make in a day, five days, one month, six months, year to date, one year, two years, five years, ten years, and max. (It would change but I can't click it to go since it is a picture)

So this what some thing you need to know to complete in the stock market. What I learned about the stock market and participating is that it takes time and lots of focus with this. I didn't really get it at first but you soon get it with going on and it teaches you how money works and business for some people.

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