Stay Safe COVID 19 guidelines for Matav caregivers

Dear Matav caregivers

Corona virus is still here, and we all have an important role in keeping everyone healthy and safe. As caregivers your responsibility is even more critical. Please follow these guidelines for a safe care environment:

Wear your mask over you nose and mouth, especially outside your home and near people who are not living with you

Keep a simple daily monitoring chart: body temperature, respiratory symptoms, loss of taste and smell

Keep 2 meters (6 feet) distance between people

Cough? Fever? Feeling bad? Consult with your doctor and immediately inform Matav office

Keep the house ventilated as much as possible, even in hot or cold weather

Keep your surroundings clean, especially bathrooms and kitchen

Stay home as much as you can and avoid crowdedness

And wash your hands for at least one minute and as many times as possible during the day

Thank you for your devoted care, we greatly appreciate it!


Created with images by Georg Arthur Pflueger - "Our granny got ninety and all her grandchildren could send her were a few clips on youtube." • Mika Baumeister - "Protective masks, normally used for surgery, are now in use to fight the Corona Virus SARS-nCov-19. " • Emma Matthews Digital Content Production - "Black and White Desk Flat Lay" • Jason Mowry - "Stay Six Feet Apart!" • Kelly Sikkema - "Ear thermometer in a woman's hand" • Hannah Tims - "Despite being in Bangkok, outside my apartment window was a small field. The morning fog covered it beautifully each day." • Clay Banks - "Clorox Cleaner & Bleach (IG: @clay.banks)" • United Nations COVID-19 Response - "NEW RULES: DON'T PLAY. Image created by Ileana Da Rin. Submitted for United Nations Global Call Out To Creatives - help stop the spread of COVID-19." • Curology - "untitled image" • Gérôme Bruneau - "untitled image"