Plate Boundaries By Andy Gouvion

Convergent Boundaries

Convergent Boundaries

Convergent Boundaries Are when the plates always move together, through Compression. Compression is when things collide together. It Creates Subduction, a process where oceanic crust falls underneath continental crust to get destroyed.

Convergent Boundaries
Compression example

At subduction zones, Convergent Boundaries Create Mountain Ranges and Volcanic Arches on land, while Ocean Trenches form in the ocean. some famous examples are the Himalayas (see background), which are when continents collide, and the Marianas Trench, when continents and oceans collide.

May 22, 1960. The town of Valdivia, Chile is struck by the largest earthquake in recorded history, with a magnitude of 9.5. The damage stretched for one hundred miles, going out into the Pacific plate. eighteen hours later MT. Puyehue erupted. This left the west coast of South America in panic with landslides and the sinking of land

Valdivia, Chile

Divergent Boundaries

Divergent Boundaries

Divergent Boundaries are created when plates move away from each other, Creating Tension. Tension is when things pull away from each other.

Tension Example

Divergent boundaries create many land forms such as when ocean separate, Mid Ocean Ridges, and continents separate, making Faults, and Continental Rifts. Volcanoes form when continents separate and when oceans move apart. Some famous examples are the East african Rift and the Mid Atlantic Ridge (see background)

Transform Boundaries

Transform Boundaries

Transform boundaries are formed when plates move past each other with shear stress. Shear stress is when two objects move in opposite directions

Transform boundary by shear stress

Transform boundaries create a few landforms, with them being transform faults and fault zones. One famous fault is the san Andreas Fault, which is shown in the background. They also cause earthquakes to erupt.

One hundred years ago, the city of San Fransisco suffered a massive earthquake that devastated building and pipe lines. fires broke out all over the city, and the earthquakes lasted a full minute. After the quakes ended scientist were shocked to see cracks in the earth stretching for miles

San Fransisco earhquake

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