L.O.L Campaign The new evangelizatOn by: Alyssa falcon, franchesa oliva, Ali CEnCi, and andrea maniglia



Logo / Motto

Media platforms :


Snapchat is a popular app used by almost everyone and allows us to create filter in order to reach out to our audience to spread our message.


Twitter is also a commonly used app which allows us to share our message and allows people to respond to us and retweet our tweets so the message can continue to be shared.


Instagram is used by people 24/7 to share pictures and it is used by us to share our message. We created a page that other people can follow and like our pictures that talk about our mission. This media will allow us to follow everyone in our best effort for them to listen to our message.

L.O.L. Campaign video and objectives.


Objective 1

Historical context and main events involved in Jesus' commission and establishment of the Catholic Church.

1. Jesus died on the cross then rose again and instructed his apostles to share his message ( Acts 1:8 )

2. Jesus explains to his apostles that if they wanted to be by his side at the end they are going to have to take up his cross and carry it for people to see. ( Mathew 16: 24-26 )

3. The Holy Spirit then appeared to the apostles on Pentecost 10 days after Jesus ascended which inspired the apostles to proclaim their faith. ( Acts 1:13 - 2:4 ) this community of disciples were the beginnings of the church.

4. Oral tradition then played a key role in spreading the message and ministry of God. ( Romans 10:14-15 )

Objective 2

Three apostles and their significance/ mission in the Early church.

Matthew - Tax collector // witnessed the resurrection and ascension of Jesus // Spread the word that Jesus was the true Messiah and that we should be devoted apostles

Mark - Young Christian that lived in Jerusalem // His mother hosted meetings of the early church in their home

Luke - Wrote the gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts // He DID NOT know Jesus but he played a key role in the building of the New Testmemt which allowed oral tradition to begin // Paid close attention to detail // Had several eyewitnesses to back up his writing

Objective 3

Difference between the early church and the church of today in light of the New Evangelization.

The early church was more Evangelistic because the Jesus' commission was still fresh in the minds of the people. As time as gone on, people's minds have been gradually torn away from the concept of Jesus' commission. This causes people of the church today to not be as evangelistic as they once were during Jesus' time

Objective 4

Multimedia campaigns.

We used Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat as our multimedia campaign to carry out our message. ( You can see the media platforms in he earlier slides. )

Why are so many Catholics not willing and wanting to fully practice their faith in today's society ?

As demonstrated in our video COMMERCIAL, some individuals may feel uncomfOrtable expressing who they are and what they believe in Due to the weight society places on our shoulders to fit in and not be "different". The decline in mass attendance may be caused by the loss of faith in christ and peoples priorities geared in different directions. Just as Pope Francis has made urgent efforts to restore faith today we Aspire to follow in his footsTeps and share the message of the lord that has been lost over the centuries.

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