Role of Technology in Education BY: Marwan znbaqa

Before riding

Before starting my education in Canada I was attending school in Jordan, because it was a public school the funds that the school had was very limited from the government, therefore there were almost no technology’s such as phones, computers, internet access, online lectures such as khan academy, or overhead projectors. Education back in the school in Jordan was very limited in terms of knowledge, sources and Accessories. To begin with, the knowledge that teaches had back at that school was not as much as teachers now know in Canada. Also in term of sources, teachers now have books that they can use to teach them self and teach there student from as well, these books can be published from different people that live in different parts of the world, where on the other hand teachers at my old school can only teach from what they know or what they have been taught, even if books were, used these books will be published locally therefore not much people will know about it. Therefore, now technology’s such as the internet can be very handy, where we will be able to access billions of books and novels to educate ourselves with a press of a button. Finally, Accessories that are used in the education process back then have changed and improved at the same time, for example back then they use chalkboard to wright things on the board, then with technology they moved to whiteboard and markers, then finally now we use smartboard. And not to forget, using smartphones for education peruses is beneficial for students.

After readings

With technology all of our traditional ideas of education can be changed. We don’t have to go physically to school so we can get our education, perhaps we can use something such as MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) to educate our self without the need to attending school. “A MOOC has a syllabus, and course content typically consists of readings, assignments, and lectures, which are often short (6–12 minutes)” (LEI, 2013), this shows how MOOC can be very similar to our traditional education where at contains all the criteria of normal classes but modified such as having only 6-12 minutes of lecture time, therefore the student can absorb his education without spending so much time. If MOOC was known in the society that I lived in when I was in Jordan then lots of people could’ve joined and got there free education. “MOOCs are massive open online courses generally offered free of charge by professors at elite universities to tens of thousands of people at a time” (Charbonneau, 2013). The people that might benefit from this are stay home moms, student that have disability, and people that cannot afford to pay for tuition, kevin Carey also stated that having curses online can be beneficial for some people as he said ” Some of them have jobs and families that consume most of their daily time. Some are isolated by geography or medical circumstance” (Carey, 2015). I chose MOOC because I personally use it so much and it never let me down, for a visual learner like me MOOCs work the best such as lectures recorded and posted on YouTube or other sites like khan academy can be more efficient then actually going to class and trying to understand the instructor, also using MOOC can give the user the opportunity to learn at their own past where the video can be paused and re-plaid when something is not understood. Without the technology things like MOOC will not exist and so many people will live and die without having an education because they can’t afford to go to school, or student will have to ask a friend, or read a book to get educated. Dave corner said “it used to be when you wanted to know about something you could do few things, you can ask someone, you could buy a book, you could try to figure it out for yourself or you could call the school” (Cormier, 2010).

Quick Video


For this dissection I used was supposed to use mindmeister as an online tool, but in order for me to inset a picture or a video I need to purchase the upgrade package. Therefore, I used Adobe spark, it is easy and fun tool to use and it contain a verity of formats and layouts that can suit the user’s needs.


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