Reform Movements Maya S. & Destiny B.

Foundations of Reform

The Second Great Awakening was a revival of religious feelings. It strengthened the impact individuals had in their own society. Basically these people believed that they should be able to change laws if they thought they were unjust/unfair . Many Men Supported this movement.

This was the belief In the goodness of man.They believed that a reliant man can change a society for the better .It also disagreed with some institutions in society like organized religion and political parties. They felt that religion should be free and practiced however they please and they saw that political parties were a violation of their beliefs.

Henry David Thoureuau

Henry Was one of the leading transcendentalists. He encouraged people to challenge the laws that they thought were unfair . This was known as civil obedience.

These men also supported civil obedience


Abolitionist were people who spoke out against slavery . They believed that everybody should be treated equal because we all are human. This movement began in the revolutionary era partly in response to the unjust treatment to the slaves . Abolitionist goal was overall to end slavery . Abolitionist thought it wasn't right that slavery had ended in the north and northerners supported slavery in the south.

Women's Rights

The 2 women went to a convention and they were allowed to speak like the men they were roped off in a different section and they sat there and looked pretty. These to women names were Lucretia Mott And Elizabeth Cody these women were out raged when they weren't allowed to do what the men were the decided to start a womens rights movement to get the same privlages as the men

Many women Supported and Followed in their footsteps

Prison Reform And Care Of Disabled

Dorothea Dix was school teacher who decided to teach a Sunday school class in jail. She realized that people were treated poorly in these facilities and she thought it was fair that mentally disabled people were just thrown in jail. She proposed that the prison conditions get better and that we provide hospitals for the mentally disabled

Public Education

This movement started because Horace Mann believed that all children should be able to go to school no matter what. The logic he used was that the more children go to school the smarter our country will be in the future. His ideas were spreaded across the country but not every child had the chance and few girls could attend school

Temperance Movement

Alcohol Abuse was a widespread among men,women,and children reformers thought of alcohol abuse as a crime. Reasons being because it led to family breakups , and mental illness. In the Late 1820s this movement started . By 1850, Maine banned alcohol sales and other states soon began to do the same . These laws were soon repealed just for the movement to regain strength in the late 1800s


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