dylan ca$h's ancient greece tour where awesome things happen

I love the trojan horse. the greeks you it to hide a bunch of soldiers iin the the big horse, they said that the horse was a gift to trick the Trojans, and the greeks struck at night.

Poseidon is my favorite god. he is also the god of the sea, earthquakes, creator of horses and Pegasi. Pegasi his rival

Athena's symbol is and owl, sometimes she send her children to find the statute of herself. ( she a goddess, why cant she just get it herself I think thats being lazy. but that was a myth, none of it is true. and she was poseidon's rival/

Zeus is the king of all gods ,(I personally dont like him that much becuase of his bad temper) brother of poseidon and Hades, father of athena, and wife of hera, hades is the god of the underworld and all the riches under the earth. Athena is the goddess of wisdom and war strategies.

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