Stock Exchange Project Gabriel de solages

A stock is used to describe the ownership certificates of a company in general. On the other side shares refer to the ownership of a particular company. A dividend is a sum of money paid regularly (usually annually but sometimes monthly) by a company to the people who own their shares with the profits they get. A ticker symbol is an arrangement of different characters which are usually letters to represent a particular security listed on an exchange. A mutual fund is an investment program which are founded by people who own shares in diversified holdings and it’s professionally managed. Supply and demand is the amount of a commodity, product, or service available and the desire of buyers for it, considered as factors regulating its price. Supply and demand affect the stock market by changing the prices.There are some advantages and disadvantages in investing in the stock market. A pro in investing in the stock market is that you can win lots of money by selling your sales if they go up in price and sell them for more money than you bought them for. Then a con is you can also lose money if a share you buy goes down in price therefore you can only sell it for cheaper than you bought it. I invested in Hasbros, Facebook and Amazon initially.

My amazon shares are doing really bad and the best shares are probably my Hasbro stocks so I sold them because they're usually bad. I also bought a containership company because they're doing really good from what I see. I think that if I could. I would just restart right now. All my stocks are going down apart from Hasbros that I just sold and I'm around 25th in the ranking.

You will also be required to complete a final reflection of your portfolio. This reflection should be around 2 paragraphs (8-10 sentences) The best company was probably Hasbros when I sold it, it got me alot of profit. The worst was Diana Containerships. I don't really know why most of my stocks were doing so bad but I assume its something trump related because ever since he became president the stocks for lots of companies went down. If I were to redo this project I would probably start off by actually filling in the excel spreadsheet correctly and filling it with a consistent amount of time in between the fillings. I would also try to invest into better companies because all my companies were doing horrible about halfway through the project and continued going down. I learned that the stock market is unpredictable, but that when a company buys another one, the stocks either fire up or go down a lot. Another thing I learn were how much supply & demand and politics can change the stock market so much.

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