Meet the Brushwood family #underthemagnolia

In your opinion, what makes Magnolia Green stand out?

Before moving here, Magnolia Green appealed to our family because it is where several of our friends live. We loved coming to visit their homes. We loved seeing how many children were out and about, and how many people were walking on the paths every time we visited the neighborhood. Then one day, our friend called and said “You’re Moving!”. We laughed and said “really?”. That was when she informed us that her neighbor was getting ready to sell their house. We made arrangements to visit before it even went on the market, and fell in love with the open floor plan, large back yard, amenities, and of course being right next door to such wonderful friends. Now that we are here, we enjoy the neighborhood every single day. When we pull into the neighborhood returning home from work even 5 years later, we still pinch ourselves about awesome it is to live here. We still love seeing all the people out walking with their kids and dogs. It is so great to live in such an active community. We love passing by the playgrounds and seeing so many kids smiling and playing. Our family really enjoys both pools, the Grille, and all of the amazing events throughout the year. We’ve heard we have an amazing golf course and tennis courts too! Not sure how to play those sports but it sounds like fun! The parades bring me to tears every year. We love relaxing in lawn chairs with a glass of wine listening to a great band at the Welcome Center while Aubrey bounces her silly head off in one of the several bounce houses! It truly is about community here. If you need help, you have so many neighbors willing to lend their supplies, hands, or even rooms if needed. Just recently, my mother also purchased a home here so we can be close!

What is your favorite social event in Magnolia Green?

We love all of the events at the pools including the end of the season celebration, Dog-a-pool-ooza, Oktoberfest, and the annual adult pool party! We also especially love the parades for holidays, or even this year for the seniors! Our neighbor and good friend, James Hock, is the DJ at all of these events so it’s like coming to a personal party! Our favorite events are the monthly events at the Welcome Center with bands, food trucks, bounce houses, and drinks. It’s such a great opportunity to catch up with everyone, relax, have fun, and really enjoy the community! We even put together our own events such as our annual countdown to noon New Year’s event for the kids, the last day of school water gun fight, and of course now the drive by birthday surprises!

Why did you choose Magnolia Green?

The simplest answer is the people. Our friends live here, now family lives here. We know there is always someone nearby in the case of emergency! In most of the pictures there are 20 kids, this is a normal occurrence. With a 10-year difference between our children, it was very important to us that our daughter have other kids to play with. There is definitely an abundance of kids here! And we love every minute of it. This is the best lifestyle we could have imagined for our kids. We live in the best neighborhood, with the best schools, and the best friends. We could not ask for more. And of course, the amenities are amazing. What other neighborhood has an aquatic center like ours? Every time we walk in we feel like we are on vacation! What other neighborhood has golf, tennis, basketball, pickleball, volleyball, playgrounds, and even more to come! We also love watching the new development and attending the various home shows! While all of those things are amazing, it would not be the same without the people!

Describe Magnolia Green in one word.