Kitchen Equipment By Maggie Sheehan

Small Appliances

Toaster. Dry-heat cooking or cooking with fat (bread with butter) and baking. Used with bread and biscuits.
Coffee machine. Moist-heat cooking, steeping, and simmering. Used with coffee and tea.
Blender. Puréeing. Used for smoothies.
Waffle-maker. Dry-heat cooking and baking. Used to make waffles.
Crock pot. Moist-heat cooking and pressure-cooking. Used for almost anything. (Chicken, macaroni and cheese, casserole, stew, potatoes)
Pancake griddle. Cooking in fat and frying. Used for pancakes.
Electric mixer. Creaming and mixing. Used for butter and sugar and other baking ingredients.
Microwave. Microwave cooking. Used for frozen foods from the grocery store and vegetables.

Cookware and Bakeware

Oven. Dry-heat cooking, roasting and baking. Used for pizza, meats, cookies, cakes, etc.
Stove-top. Moist-heat cooking, cooking in fat, boiling, steaming, simmering, poaching, pressure-cooking, braising, stewing, frying, sautéing, pan-broiling, deep-fat frying, stir-frying. Used for pasta, vegetables, eggs, bacon, etc.
Skillet. Cooking in fat. Used for pancakes, eggs, and bacon.
Muffin tins. Dry-heat cooking, baking. Used for muffins, cupcakes, and pie bites.
Pie pans. Dry-heat cooking, baking. Used for pies and tarts.
Baking sheet. Dry-heat cooking, baking. Used for sheet cake, pizza, chicken pieces, and fish.
Pressure cooker. Moist-heat cooking, pressure-cooking. Used for potatoes, dry beans, and less tender cuts of meat.

Measuring Tools and Mixing Tools

Dry measuring cups. Usually used for baking. Used to measure dry ingredients such as flour, cornmeal, and sugar.
Used with dry measuring cups to level off dry ingredients. Used for dry ingredients such as flour, sugar, and cornmeal.
Liquid measuring cups. Used to measure liquid ingredients typically for baking. Used for water, juice, and oil.
Electric mixer. Used to cream ingredients together. Typically used for butter and sugar or when recipes calls for the creaming of different recipes.
Rubber spatula. Used to fold ingredients. (Can also be used to scrape ingredients put of dry measuring cups.) When folding, usually used with egg whites and cake batter.
Wooden spoon. Used to stir food. Used for soups, sauces, etc.
Wire whisk. Used to store ingredients. Can be used for mixing batter.

Cutting Tools

Bread knife. Used for slicing bread.
Slicing knife. Use pd for cutting meat and poultry.
Chef's knife/ French knife. Used for slicing, chopping, and dicing.
Utility knife. Used for cutting small foods such as tomatoes or apples.
Boning knife. Used to remove bones from food.
Paring knife. Used to remove thin layers of peel from fruits and vegetables.
Straightening steel. Used for sharpening knives.

Cooking Tools

Ladle. Used for scooping out liquids from pots and pans, such as soups and sauces.
Turner. Used for lifting end turning flat foods, such as pancakes or cookies.
Tongs. Used to grip and lift bulky foods, such as broccoli or chicken.
Baster. Used to suction up meat juices or other liquids.
Pastry brush. Used for brushing sauce or glaze onto a food.
Rolling pin. Used to roll out dough for biscuits, pies, cookies, and other pastries.
Wire cooling rack. Used to hold baked products until cool.
Oven mitts. Used to protect your hands when removing food from the oven.


Food thermometer. Use to test the temperature of foods to tell when they are done cooking.


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