Two Tools & An Idea From an Idea to Reality


Two Tools And A Sample Application

Office Lens: Scans, Crops, Aligns, Connects To OneDrive Without Raiding Your Phone Albums

Adobe Illustrator: A Powerful Program With Some Easy To Use Tools

Application: From A Sharpie Drawing To A "Sharp" Sticker


Since we are talking about ideas today lets see what we can do with some symbolic representations of ideas.

Let's start with a Sharpie drawing and end with a sharp sticker.


Step 1: Create a drawing using a student's favorite writing utensil, the Sharpie

Step 2: Using Office Lens, capture, crop, and upload the drawing to OneDrive (available for Android and iOS)

Step 3: Open in Adobe Illustrator (available in the Software Center) and click a few times to create a vector graphic from your sharpie drawing

Step 4: Using that vector create a sticker to keep and display proudly

Bonus points for taking the time to document your own process and present it in an Adobe Spark Page. Example.


Most good tools solve a multitude of problems and open up the doors to a lot of possibilities.

How to use a tool is mostly limited only by your creativity and ability to think laterally.

Just because a tool seems immensely complex does not mean that it can't serve as a valuable tool.

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Michael Cubberley


Student Projects and light bulb display image from The Library Of Congress Digital Collections.

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