More Arnold. More Bifrost. More value.

Autodesk’s Media & Entertainment Collection is the end-to-end solution for your creative studio, providing the tools you need to expand your capabilities, scale your business and open up a world of opportunity

Feature products and exclusives:

  • Maya - The classic 3D animation, modeling, and simulation software. Includes Bifrost for procedural fluid and particle animation and 15 compute nodes, exclusive to the collection.
  • 3ds Max - Intuitive 3D modeling software that brings your detailed environments, games, and animation to breathtaking life.
  • Arnold- Includes an exclusive free 5-pack of Arnold, giving you more processing power for datasets and scene files of any size.

Film/TV workflow

End-to-end tools for creating entertainment content from first draft to final frames

Create your next film, TV or game project using the comprehensive creative power of the Media & Entertainment Collection

Realize your next creative project from organic creatures to futuristic vehicles or expansive environments to realistic animated characters. Start with SketchBook Enterprise to define the look of characters and assets as concept art and storyboards. Once you’ve defined the look of your project, let the 3D creation begin. With Maya artists can model, groom and rig incredible looking characters using modern character creation tools. Mudbox adds modeling tools to sculpt extra complexity and generate normal, displacement, and ambient occlusion maps. Design and build rich, complex environments using 3ds Max and it’s powerful procedural modeling tools. When you need to render, you can take advantage of the power of Arnold to render beautiful final results.

Design Visualization

Stunning visualization capabilities from real time to photoreal

Everything you need to communicate your design from immersive virtual reality to stunningly rendered animations with the Media & Entertainment Collection.

Start in 3ds Max to bring your design data to life where you can populate scenes and expand from pure design to a fully realized environment. Use Recap Pro to see your design in context or personalize your scene with 3D geometry created from real world captured data. Explore designs in real-time using 3ds Max and integrated interactive visualization tools. Edit and iterate your scene in real-time or create a stunning virtual reality experience to communicate your design. When you need to deliver final animations, leverage the power of the Arnold renderer to create stunningly photorealistic final animations.

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