ADMINISTERING ITC INFRASTRUCTURE Developing your knowledge and skills

Hi my name is Lorella Gilotti. I am a teacher of English in a technological school of Agrigento, Sicily.

I decided to enrol this course because I want to learn more about ICT. I am not specialized in such stuffs but I like to improve my knowledge and my skills.

This is my school.

We have different equipped labs in my school according to the subjects.

This is a mixed European group of collegues, working and collaborating for a Comenius project.

They are an Italian teacher, a Turkish, a Romanian and an English one.

In the building lab.

Autocad lab.

Some students in the multimedia lab.

This is a crossroad that implies a choice for students.

This is tomorrow

I finished the first module of the course and I took part to the activity

This is my contribute

I also did the second activity

This is my post on Forum

Some videos I liked much

These are also my aims

I found really difficult the tests.

Notwithstanding my difficulties I earned three badges

And also module 4


Acceptable Use code I agree to:

Schools should give information technology to its teachers and technicians, students, staff about the rules in order to use equipment, devices, about safer use of them. It is a good practice to write down a list of rules in a sort of CODE OF CONDUCT.

Every user has the responsibility to acquire and assume the rules and the policy of the school. This is the way for appropriately securing computers and other electronic devices; for avoiding any abuse that can interferes with others’ access.

Collaboration and awareness imply the best use of devices.

Respect of rules is a good practice

Students can use the computer network, wireless network and internet and also their own devices respecting some school conditions.

1-School Network refers to “School’s computer network, wireless network, internet access facilities,

computers and other school IT connected equipment/devices.

2-The internet is provided for the education, researches, group activities

3-Students can use the services for school related work only.

4-Student owned devices may only be connected to the school network via BYOD wireless network

5-Students are not allowed to record or publish images of staff or students

6-The school should check and monitor traffic and material sent and received and use

filters to restrict access to certain sites and data, including email.

7-Students accessing inappropriate sites will be dealt with fines.

8-The school provides each student with a school email address

9-The network is not to be used by any student for personal gain or illegal activity including

the downloading of music, video, game.

10- Students cannot damage any computer norCreate or modify system files.

Because internet in schools has becoming fundamentally even in primary schools. We must be sure that our young students be sure and safe.
This is important and above all:RESPECT THEM


"If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow." - John Dewey

philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer

What will the classroom of 2014 look like?




Handheld devices/phones


What do you want to achieve? Using ICT to:

•Improve teaching & learning

•Support learning in and out of school

•Offer a range of choice and access

•Opportunity for disadvantaged

•Flexible working

•Manage data and improve efficiency

where do I start?

Who will be using it?

•What will they be using it for?

•What is most important? Battery life, access to applications/software, media (camera, sound, etc). Rank them in order of priority and decide on any non-negotiables before talking to suppliers

•Avoid technical terms and talk in functional language. ‘I want to be able to use it on the football pitch to record ...”

Planning – What do I need to consider?


•Coherence – consider differing needs of teachers and learners as well as existing equipment


•Affordability and sustainability

Practical things to consider:

– insurance, cases, safety, storage, link to display/IWB, saving work

mobile devices enable students into enquiry based, experimental and knowledge building learning. Will this affect how the teacher plans lessons, their role in the lesson?

It is important to have a network that is reliable to support rapid growth of devices

•Must be robust

•Consider an ICT healthcheck

Save the date and contribute to"SAFER INTERNET DAY" on 7th February 2017

Very useful and creative tab.

My favorite videos

Interesting trend

One of my contributions

This module is really motivating if you want to be" an ICT ADMINISTRATOR"

Last efforts

And finally:


Created By
Lorella Gilotti


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