Common Exhibit #5 Professor interview

Professor being interviewed: Marion "Lee" Hanna, MATH 1020 Instructor.

How its going to happen: I plan on asking Lee a series of questions and recording them below. I have picked out some of my favorite questions from the list given and I will be really interested to see what his responses will be. At the end of the questions I will reflect briefly on my conversation with Lee and how I view him after this interview.

What do you do in addition to teaching?: Play tennis, hang out with friends, watch TV, and goes to Clemson sporting events.

Why did you decide this career/position?: "Love of the game". He loved being around Clemson and knew he wanted to stay and help impact other people's lives.

What do you like best about your job?: Day to day interaction with students, keeps him young being around younger people, everyday is a new adventure being at a university.

How do you balance home and work, and teaching vs. researching?: Time management carries over to the real world. “its not what you learn, its how you learn”

Are you where you thought you would be when you were in college?: Yes, his vision of career path has come to fruition. He knew he wanted to stay in academia.

As a college student, what element of professionalism did you struggle with the most?: Formality of the real world, stayed in an academic setting to stay away with networking.

How do you define teaching?: He can only provide an opportunity to learn, the student has to give an honest effort to learn. Until the students haven’t had an opportunity to learn.

What are your expectations for students in your classroom?: To grow up to become productive adults. Meet him halfway and engage the students and let them know that he cares. Moving towards adulthood.

Most common mistakes students make?: Time management, not having a plan due to lack of time management, not using all resources. Not seeing the big picture. Everything is short term.

Reflection: I chose to use Lee as my professor to interview because he is the professor that I can most easily communicate with this semester. He is a really easy going and laid back kind of guy. I'm not at all surprised with the answers that he gave to me. I learned a lot about time management and enjoying the moment from Lee. Some of the things I didn't write down because we had a personal conversation about my time at Clemson after I was done with the interview, but we talked about just enjoying the moment I am in right now, even if it is a grind. College can be stressful, but enjoy it because before you know it, you'll be graduating and out in the real world. My perception of Lee after this conversation didn't change at all because he was exactly how I expected him to be because he acted the same way that he does in class. He's a super laid back guy. One other thing I learned from this conversation is that he is from Johnsonville, SC, and my dad has a few family members that live down in that area.


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