Alexanders parents Philip II of Macedon, Olympias gave birth to him July 356 BC in Macedonia and name him Alexander III of Macedon.Alexander was tutored by Aristotle.The prince took charge of the Companion Cavalry at age 18 and aided Philip in defeating the Athenian and Theban armies at Chaeronea

Alexander became Cavalry commander at age eighteen and a king at twenty and while he was king he was the conqueror of the Persian Empire at twenty-six and a explorer of the Indian frontier at thirty. Alexander’s defeat of the Persian Empire removed the bloc that had prevented the spread of Greek settlements into the East.He improved the fine army inherited from his father, Philip, by the addition of allied forces; he strengthened the cavalry arm, utilized weapons specialists.

After Alexander the Great’s victory over King Darius III at the Battle of Gaugamela in 331 BC, he had to contend with small rebellions that broke out across his empire.When Bactria rebelled, Alexander and his army quickly marched to suppress it. Thirty thousand Bactrians had taken refuge in a citadel situated high above a sheer cliff, called the Rock of Sogdiana. Alexander sent a message to Arimazes, the commander of the fortress, calling for him to surrender.He asked for the best cliff-climbers among his army, promising a reward for the first man to reach the top of the cliff Three hundred men volunteered. By morning, while only loosing thirty men, they reached the top-surrender immediately followed. It was here, according to the one historian, that Alexander first saw among the captives the lovely Roxanne and immediately fell in love.One of the dancers that night caught Alexander’s eye. It was the sixteen-year-old daughter of Oxyartes: Roxanne, a name that means “little star.” She was considered by many of those who saw her as the most beautiful woman they had ever seen-even more beautiful that the wife of the fallen King Darius. According to Plutarch, while she may have been the only woman Alexander ever loved, there was another possible reason for the marriage.Because Alexander and his army were called to battle elsewhere, a marriage between Alexander and Roxanne would have to wait. Eventually, however, Oxyartes and the new Persian king broke bread together, a Macedonian custom. The marriage between Roxanne and Alexander which finally took place in 327 BC has continued to be a point of contention among historians.

on May of 323 BC and Alexander the Great was in Baghdad. The thirty-two-year-old King of Macedonia had spent the past thirteen years conquering much of the known world. In the process, he created an empire that reached from Macedonia through Greece and the Persian Empire to the fringes of India. He had plans to expand his holdings. When he had returned to Baghdad after years of military campaigning, Alexander took the opportunity to rest and to plan his next conquest. On May 29 he attended a dinner given by a close friend. Alexander joined in the heavy drinking during the daylong event. Complaining that he did not feel well, he went to bed. Alexander's health steadily deteriorated as fever wracked his body. Finally, too weak to leave his bed, the conqueror of the world died ten days after he was stricken.


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