The sound mechanic can you hear it?

The sound mechanic is the place to turn to for a range of sound and music needs: live recording (16trk mobile recording studio), live sound, composition, guitar playing, sound design, mixing, mastering, proper cup of coffee....

The mechanic’s recording ethics follow in the sonic footsteps of many who believed that music should be recorded in its most pure form: live! (few overdubs and edits are ok)

The mechanic on mastering duties on this ‘Disco Vumbi’ album for ‘Byrd Out’ Label. Doing very well on Bandcamp!!!!

The mechanic on Mastering duties for this album by ‘Coma World’ for ‘Byrd Out’ label.

First ‘post lockdown’ socially distant recording for ‘State51conspiracy’. Emma Kupe solo. The mechanic on live recording/ mix / mastering duties.

Cowboy flying saucer: the mechanic had the pleasure of working with this band for a while now. Luckily (and a bit sneakily) pressed ‘record’ on the desk for this gig as it felt right. The band put it out as a live album. What a band! What a gig!

Kan Beng: the mechanic on recording, mix and mastering duties ( at times while singing and playing guitar) on this album. The whole album is on the playlist that this single is on....

Bafula: world music band based around the sound of the ‘Kora’ an African Harp like instrument. The mechanic on recording and guitar playing duties.

Snapped ankles live at state51:

A live recording project for State51 by the mechanic. What a band! Wild outfits, home made musical instruments, loads of energy....chewbaccas on steroids! The mechanic on live sound/ recording/ mix duties.

Petenara: A beautiful original classical piece by ‘viol de gamba’ player and composer Layil Barr. Recorded in an empty hall using 7 different mics placed around the space.

Argonaut recorded two albums with the mechanic. Two days recording, all live (including most of the vocals), very few overdubs and edit. Just like the mechanic likes it.

Unity remix: the mechanic on remix duties for world music band ‘Kan Beng’. Those who met the mechanic in person will be able to spot him making a complete fool of himself with a big smile in this one.

Alisa Tully: Another live recording for video shoot for State51 label. The mechanic on recording/ mix and mastering duties.

Castorp: and here comes another one..... live recording for a video at state51. This time both visuals and audio recoded / filmed in one shot. The mechanic on recording/ mix / mastering duties.

The sound carriers: playing a live improvised soundtrack to a film projected on them. The band used a lot of vintage amps that sounded great. Part of ‘State51’s midsummer event. The mechanic on: live sound/ recording/ live feed to the US / mix and mastering.....

The missing parts: An original classical piano composition by pianist and composer Angelus squid marr. Composed for a dance as part of a project to remember the Chinese soldiers who died during WW2. The mechanic on recording / mix / mastering duties.

Film projects: The mechanic on a range of duties: composition, recording, sound design, soundtrack mastering:

Jump cut Jeff: A short film by Rob Mundy. The mechanic on soundtrack recording duties. The recording took place in a pub in East London. Microphone placing techniques as the mechanic loves. If you watch the scene where the car drives under the bridge note the the change in the drums sound happens simply by fading down all the mics apart from the Sure condenser at the far end of the room facing the wall! A stroke of genius or pure luck? It’s hard to tell....

Ghost tows: a short film by Linda Mason and James Rattee. The film takes us on a journey to the remote areas of Canada. The mechanic on original composition (the acoustic guitar track), voiceover editing soundtrack mix and sound design.

The brother: some of the funniest 3 minutes you can spend in front of a screen..... a short film by Kai Fiain shot with a humble super 8. Won ‘best film under 5 minutes’ at LSFF. Won Channel 4’s ‘Random acts’ award. The mechanic on narration recording/ sound effects and sound design duties.

Constance and Kelly: A stage play that takes a look at the struggles of a young woman at the now shut Holloway prison. The mechanic on original soundtrack composition and recording duties.

The mechanic provides compositions to the UPPM library through the ‘Lo Editions’ label:

The BBC ‘The One Show’ have used ‘winter Island’ track from my UPPM library tracks on this clip:

The mechanic doesn’t shy away from hopping onto the stage, guitar in hand:

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