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Ren comes from Korea who has a super beautiful face like a Barbie doll that is often mistaken for a girl. He is very timid and dared not speak in front of strangers. When he stood on stage first time, his legs trembled with fear. But he is just very introverted and shy on the surface, he is very lively in front of friends, and like to crack the joke is difficult to understand. He liked all the new and odd things so was super obsessed with Lady gaga, he is always singing her songs and imitating her dance. The character is very pure and kind so is very easy to move and be ripped off. He will cry because of the small things like see a sick child. Guts are small but like watching horror movies especially Bride of Chucky. He likes to collect everything of Chucky includes dolls, clothes and pendants. Ren is very gentle and cordial to his fans and always smiling. In fact, he is easy to get angry, act like a spoiled little boy. Thought is always quite unrestrained, sometimes seem a little crazy. He keens on the pursuit of fashion who have a dream that one day have his own brands, often find excuses to go shopping. He likes buying bags and clothes, has a little vanity. Under the bright appearance is a heart of firm and effort, never stopped to the pace of dreams. All in all, although the personality is some naïve and like a kid grow up, but Ren is a so cute boy and a tough man.

I designed seven images for the figure according to his character setting. The images are focus on the good looks because Ren was set as a flower young boy. I set a theme for each image, for example, the first one is his debut image and he was a high school student at that time. So his image is more like a mischievous teenager and his clothing is bold and exaggerated colour. And next, he grew up and the image also happened some changes. I designed an image of space warrior which is most popular subject in teenagers. And I added a handcuffs in his hands which implied the attitude of young people want to break the convention. The following, as the growth of the age, the hot topic between teenagers changed to love. So the third one I designed a sentimental image in winter night for him which showed a boy experienced the failure of love for the first time. And then, the boy gradually moved closer to man's stage, so his image would become mature. I designed a simple modelling for him and cut his long hair that made him more like a man. The flower of his mouth also represents his rebirth. The following, I tried several kinds of current popular styles in Korea such as mysterious style, manga style and different hair colour.

Today, the Dreams released a teaser of new singer Ren, he has a long blonde hair who is seemingly a girl, but shows off his charismatic charm and sharp look. The company chose the hot pink as him support colour, which represent his fantasy and lively charisma. He will take the new song to debut formally.

Fans have been anticipating Ren's comeback ever since a teaser poster was released at this month. Ren has a new image, who still keeps the long blonde hair but the image is derived from the concept of universal soldier. That shows the courage of teenagers to break the world.

The Dreams began stirring interest by releasing Ren's photo teasers. Ren's recent mini-album is sentimental lyrical song as the title, so his teaser is the image of blonde hair match the white coat in cold winter. The background of night scene also has the functions to show the environment and highlight atmosphere.

According to Dreams, the boy will be introducing you to a new genre of music called 'mystic fantasy' through this song. As for the song which is said to express the feelings of a guy who falls in love, but is unable to express his feelings directly except for when he talks in his sleep. So the point of this album is the pajamas items.

The parade of Ren's teaser photos for his new album, which has kicked off with Ren's solo teaser image! In this album Ren finally cut his iconic long hair and changed the colour of hair, who has a different image from before. The flower in his mouth means his rebirth. Ren seems to have returned with his trademark 'soft' image with a masculine turn, blending a mixture of casually sexy with just a hint of flower boy to spice up the proceedings.

Ren has dropped the teaser image ahead of their comeback with new mini-album! We can see Ren has long hair again and returned to that beloved flower boy look. This album is a medieval knight style, the concept comes from a comic book named The queen's knight. The modelling of Ren learned from the hero in the comic book.

Ren is looking pretty in pink for upcoming comeback! The idol rocks the heck our of that pink-hued bowl cut, as delicate as a doll as he ponders life deeply all by his lonesome self. The fairy theme continues, though the long hair that we've been seeing is gone now in the previous teasers, replaced with what looks to be a special pink hair.

Background Story

This animation describes a story about a figure named Ren pursuing his dream. Ren hopes to be an idol singer so he left his hometown to Seoul and then he entered to an entertainment company named Dreams. He began his rise to stardom since his acceptance to the company. Ren passed through a strict training programme and finally became a singer. Ren is presented to the public in various looks to fit the theme and style of his music, and he will stop at nothing to realize his dream.

This was a simple sketch to describe the trend of the story. The first scene is Ren sitting down on earth and looking at the stars in the galaxy, which represents him following his dream in the hope of realizing them. The second scene is Ren’s back fading away in the street of his hometown, which represents him leaving his hometown to travel to the capital in pursuit of his dream. The third scene is the train driving on the track, and the forth scene is the front view of the company named Dreams, signifying the start of Ren’s journey to stardom. The following seven scenes are the different looks of Ren’s various albums. He was glowing and the appearance is also changing. The ending scene is Ren playing with the paper airplanes which represents his dreams and that he will continue working hard to achieve and excel.

The whole tone of colour is more bright and lively and used a large number of Particular technology to make the snow, bubble and star of background. I want to match the theme of star-making and made a more fantasy and shining virtual effects. In these frames, I also used the galaxy, flowers, nightscape lighting, sky and leaves as the elements of background to build different scenes, especially the backgrounds of figure images which are in order to simulate the different styles’ music video of singer’s albums. The figure moved along the track and coordinated colour shadow which learnt the mode of ending flash of Japanese animation. This was to make the finished product more engaging.

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