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Donatella Versace

Brief Of Donatella Versace

Donatella Verscae was born in Italy 1995, Donatella Versace grew up with two major fashion influences. Her mother was a dressmaker and her older brother, Gianni Versace, was a Building Designer. She went to go work for her brother in the late 1970s, serving as his muse and adviser. Donatella Versace became the designer for the company's Vurses line in 1980s. After her brother was murded, in 1997, she became the creative director of the Versace Group.

Early In Life

Born on May 2, 1955, in Reggio Calabria, Italy, designer Donatella Versace is one of best known names in fashion today. She is the younger sister of the late designer Gianni Versace. Donatella and Gianni learned about designing from their mother, who had a dressmaking business. "I was the baby of the family," she later explained to The New Yorker. "I was so spoiled. I was the best-dressed little girl in the city."

Versace began developing her trademark look as a teenager—dyeing her hair platinum blonde and using copious amounts of dark eyeliner. She was remarkably close to her older brother, Gianni, who would take her out with him at night and make outfits for her to wear. Donatella attended university in Florence for a time, but she eventually reunited with Gianni to support his clothing business.

What Does Donatella Versace Design?

Donatella Versace is a very creative designer. She has created many, colourful, fun, creative, exciting clothing and accessories for both men, women and children. Her designs are magnificent and very outstanding. As you can see below this text there is a photo I choose this photo because it is very creative, colourful, unique, beautiful and Donatella Versaces design.

One of Donatella Versace Designs!

What Has Inspired Donatella Versace to create the design she is famous for?

Donatella Versace grew up with two major fashion design influences which were her mother and brother. Her mother Francesca Versace was a dressmaker and her Brother Gianni Versace was a budding designer. She worked along side with her brother as his adviser and muse. When her brother deceased it was a great loss to her and inspired her to be the next Artistic designer for versus and Versace big Company.

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