Mohandas Gandhi By. AJ Kubitz

Hello my name is Mohandas Gandhi and I was born on October 2nd 1869, I went to law school and then later went to South Africa to help the Indians to gain civil rights and independence.

I fought against the unjust laws by starting a non - violent, the British enforced pass which forced Indians and I lead a campaign for the south Africans to burn there passes as a protest

After i finally returned to India to join the Indian National Congress in an effort to end British rule in India

The British were interested in India's natural resources and forced us to mine our own resources and they got all the profit

In order for us to stop the British I encourage you to boycott British cloth spin your own clothes this will hurt the British economy and allow us to grow our own crops

Also the British use our salt and make profit off it well I say no lets make our own salt and make a profit lets march to the sea and make our own salt we will call it the salt march and it will be a long journey at least 240 miles and the media will be following us the whole way and will cover every step and soon the world will know how the the British our treating us

Now remember we must use civil disobedience or non - violent means to defeat the British and we will get there attention by using passive resistance by doing speeches marches and boycotts we must be willing to take a blow and not give one back

Not only must we work for independence but we must also all be equal we must forget the caste system and treat everyone as equals including women and there should be Muslim and Hindu unity

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Allen Kubitz


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