Elizabeth Theater Aneisa Lowe period 3

Thesis : How queen elizabeth inspired the elizabeth theater with her clothes, audience, and style of the building .

Quote 1"Shakespeare wrote most of his plays for audiences with a broad social background."by G. Kylene Beers

Quote 2"But most of the Globe’s audience consisted of prosperous citizens such as merchants craft workers and their wives and members of the upper class. The theaters of London were an attraction and visitors to the city were often part of the audience."by G. Kylene Beers"

Quote 3 "Shakespeare’s plays were also produced at the royal court in the houses of noble families and sometimes in universities and law schools. For most of his career he thus wrote plays that had to appeal to people of many backgrounds and tastes."by G. Kylene Beers"

Quote 4 "The wealthy wore furs and jewels and the cloth of their garments featured extravagant embroidery. But theirs was not the typical fashion of the times. The poor and even the middle classes dressed more simply. However few detailed portraits or records of the clothing of the poor remain."Blooms Literature."

Quote 5"The opening in the front of a dress and had a collar attached], and sleeves; cloth of gold silver tinseled satin silk or cloth mixed or embroidered with gold or silver or pearl, saving silk mixed with gold or silver in linings of cowls [a draped neckline] part lets and sleeves except all degrees above viscountesses and viscountesses baronesses and other personages of like degrees in their sleeves."Blooms Literature."

Quote 6 ''The stage itself probably contained one or more trapdoors often used to represent graves or the mouth of hell. (Supernatural phenomena were popular on the Elizabethan stage and Shakespeare often presented them ''Blooms Literature."

Quote 7"These theaters were generally roughly cylindrical three-storied buildings surrounding a central unroofed space containing the stage built out from a section of the building that served as a backstage area."Blooms Literature."

Quote 8 "Some spectators stood on the ground around the stage, within the "wooden O" (Henry V, Prologue, 13) of the building the "grounding's " as they were called paid a cheap admission price. Each floor of the building was divided into galleries which offered a better view of the stage and were more expensive. "by Sonia G. Benson and Jennifer York Stock,"

Quote 9''The stage itself probably contained one or more trapdoors often used to represent graves or the mouth of hell. (Supernatural phenomena were popular on the Elizabethan stage and Shakespeare often presented them ''by Sonia G. Benson and Jennifer York Stock,"

Quote 10 "Plays were held outdoors (very few seem to have been canceled by weather suggesting a hardy audience). They usually began at two o'clock in the afternoon and they had to be finished before nightfall for the only illumination besides the sun were torches to provide partial relief on an overcast day or at the onset of dusk. "Lander, Jesse M."


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