How America Started in 5 parts


In the year of 1492, Spain sent the Italian sailor named Christopher Columbus to go find the Indies for silk, and other nice things. He thought the world was way smaller than it really was. He sailed around the world than found some land which he thought was the Indies, But, it is modern day Dominican Republic. There was lots of things he found though, such as gold, cigarettes, and slaves[Indians]. He came back with the news that he hadn't reached the Indies, but that he found gold, cigarettes, and slaves. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella were overjoyed and they later took over the Caribbean. This belongs here because nobody else would've discovered it if he hadn't found this whole continent then there's no America.


In 1776, congress decided that they were going to declare Independence from England. Benjamin Franklin thought that the declaration would be ratified on July 2, 1776 but it ended up being July 4, 1776 which we celebrate as Independence Day. The man they say wrote this was the third president, Thomas Jefferson. After this happened, England was coming for them. All the men who signed knew this was treason and they would be hung if they were found. This belongs here because if we didn't do this, England might've still ruled us to this day.

Thomas Jefferson
The five people chosen to write the declaration of Independence. Roger Sherman, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Rob Livingston.


In 1783, the British were tired of fighting the Americans and decided to organize a treaty where England and America stop fighting. They also made some agreements. One was that England had to take all their soldiers off of American soil. Also, America was allowed to have their own government. They could also fish off the coast of Canada. Lastly, England would finally recognize America as an independent country. It's here because this was the genuine start of the United States of America.

The land USA got after the Treaty of Paris
The treaty was in Paris, France.


In 1803, the French leader, Napoleon, needed money as he was trying to conquer all of Europe. On the other hand, USA had money but they wanted land to be bigger so Thomas Jefferson sent Rob Livingston and James Monroe to offer 10 million to France for just New Orleans. Napoleon counter- offered with 15 million for the whole Louisiana Territory which you can see right there. The French said they hadn't explored it so they didn't know how big it was. The two people Jefferson sent didn't have the authority to spend 15 million so they went back and asked Jefferson about it. He said yes but this was a big gamble as they didn't know how big the land was. This was the biggest rip off I've ever seen in my life because we doubled our country for just 15 million bucks! This definitely belongs here because we'd only have 2/3 of our country right now.


In 1805, Thomas Jefferson sent two by the name of Lewis and Clark. They were going to explore the territory they had bought in 1803. They planned to record the climate, make maps, and record the animals for the West. Once they got off and landed on their first piece of soil they immediately saw that the West was filled with mountains and it was cold and dry. Also, they found new animals such as the mountain goat, prairie dog, and the long horned sheep. Clark made maps on how to get to the Pacific Ocean. Once they got back, everybody thought they were heroes and people started to go and settle in the West. It belongs here because we have to explore what we buy and we ended up getting a great deal. We also figured out what was there now instead of just guessing and maybe dying before we get there because of some type of disease.

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