Pulaski, Wisconsin Local Government

The Municipal Building is Located on 585 Glenbrook Drive in Pulaski, Wisconsin.
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The police station addition was they took $3959.20 to add on to the police station. The miscellaneous was they spent almost $700 on extra stuff that wasn't recorded. The Bellin Health paid to get a sewer and water extension. There was also $886.75 spent to get storm and water utilities updated. Lastly, they want a new 2017 police vehicle.
The issue I have selected was a new squad car. Local government wants to buy a new car for the police. I do not think that they need to buy a new car, with not much thought. They should think about who is paying for thart car. They are spending money on things that could be spent somewhere else. I think instead of buying a brand-new 2017 car, they should just get a new car that is cheaper and in good condition. Otherwise they can just live what they have.

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