Amara Johnson This is my first year of high school art. My goal is To go To college at MSU. I want to become a surgeon but im not sure what kind of surgery i want to perform. I think art is a very calming and soothing class. I can express mt feelings through my art.

Elements Drawing- I enjoyed learning about all of the different elements in this art piece. It helped me out with my art pieces done after this one. I learned how to do different things and use different techniques to create any piece of art I wanted to.

Negative/Positive Drawing- I enjoyed doing this piece of art mostly because I'm a hug fan of Michigan state. It was fun to create it with the help of Google images but also some personal details added by myself.

Hand Drawing- This piece was one of the most fun to create. Although drawing a Boyd part was hard for me, it was fun to create the details of my own hand and get to put that out on a paper.

Profile- In this piece, I struggled slit trying to get my facial features exact. I had help from the people around me and was able to finish it. Drawing the shadows on my shirt was probably the most exciting part about this piece. I spent a lot of time on the shadows and I'm surprised how realistic and proffessional looking they turned out.

Stippling Piece- I really enjoyed doing this piece of art. My hand got tired but I pushed myself to finish it and I'm glad I did! I think it turned out really cool and it's amazing what little dots can create!

Still Life Drawing- This piece took a lot of focus. I had to concentrate a lot and try to draw every little detail of the vases and flowers. It was a fun piece to create though!

Scratch Board Drawing - I've never worked with scratch board before. When I was introduced to it this year, I was confused on his to do it. Once I learned how to create art off of it, I enjoyed it a lot! This was one of the most exciting pieces of art I've done so far.

2- Point Perspective Drawing- The colors in this piece took me about a week to do. I liked the idea of a puzzle look so I decided to create this art piece that way. Although it took a while to do, I had a fun and enjoyable time creating this piece.

Self Portrait- I've never really been good at drawing people... especially myself. When I finished this art piece and examined it, I was shocked at how well it actually turned out. I did get help from classmates but I believe it turned out really well! I had fun creating this.

Oil Pastel Drawing- I was shocked that it only took me 2 days to finish this art piece. In that little amount of time, I was able to experience andplay aorund with the oil pastels! Oil pastels have always been one of my favorite art tools to use. They're easy to blend and also create some beautiful colors and artwork.

A big challenge I found was trying to create the little details in my artwork. I really enjoyed experiencing and working with different tools and learning new things such as negative and positive space, scratch boarding, still life drawing, etc. art always helps me when I'm stressed or angry. I can express my feelings and mods through my art pieces. It helps me to destress and takes my mind off of things I don't want to think about or worry about. I appreciate and am very thankful to be able to have an opportunity like this. I know there are lots of kids around the world that would live to be where I am... drawing and experiencing new things everyday. I couldn't have done all of this without the help of my classmates, but also my teacher Mrs. Fuller.


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