Customer Exploration Using Human-Centered Design

Block One: State of the Union (2.5 hours)

During this session we go over the current state of the company, the roadmap, and the goals for the company. A facilitated session will take 60-90 minutes to identify the challenge and determine the framework to move forward.

Outcome: Understanding of the current identified customer, customer attributes, review of customer profile based on primary and secondary market research.

Block Two: Define Your Market (2.5 hours)

In this session, participants will be facilitated through an exercise in audience identification. Participants will be given directions to gather information and surveys from identified potential customers. A review from of the previously identified market will be conducted to identify gaps.

Outcome: Participants will engage in customer identification exercises before creating and executing customer surveys to gather valuable insights. This data will be reviewed and combined with secondary market research to begin to build primary and secondary customer profiles.

Block Three: Market Fit (5.0 hours)

During this session participants will begin to construct the product roadmap based on the identified primary and secondary customer. During this session there will be two exercises facilitated. The first is a Value Chain Exercise, to help create a strong foundational understanding of the importance of relationship between the company's Values, the product's Unique Value Proposition, and the customers'

Outcome: Understanding of the Value Chain from the company and customer perspectives which empowers participants to work backwards and forward through the value chain making improvements where possible. Additionally, participants will have a strong understanding of who their customer might be and exactly how to get to that individual to move the prospect forward.

Block Four: Iterate to Great (2.5 hours)

Often individuals and teams move forward on decisions but struggle to know if they are moving in the right direction. In this session, participants will do a Gut Check exercise to help use a critical lens to review the work they have completed and improve upon their current findings.

Outcome: Participants will increase their capacity to think critically while measuring their potential make minimal changes to multiple inputs. The benefit of iterating with small changes is the cumulative value of many small improvements.

Block Five: Move Forward, Fast (2.5 hours)

Participants will review the goals set in the first session to track their progress based on their improvements. A new high-level road map will be created based on the new inputs and continuous review and improvement methodologies used throughout these sessions. This will allow participants to move forward with ideas faster with increased confidence in the outcomes.

Outcomes: Participants to move forward with a malleable plan and the tools to empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test, evaluate and iterate on decisions with increased confidence through validation using Design Thinking tools.