Hannah A Letter To My 15-year-old Self

Dear 15-year-old Hannah,

What a journey you have been on, and what a beautiful journey you have ahead of you.
I know it seems like there is only one road to be like the others, but you will learn that the beauty of life comes from the unexpected twists and turns in many roads that all lead you to where you are supposed to be and who you are supposed to be.
You are not supposed to be the same as anyone else, and you will learn that THAT IS MAGICAL!
You will make mistakes, you will try too hard, you will realize that those people are not who you thought they were.
You will also realize you are supported and loved by those you admire, and that dancing runs in every deep fiber in your being from head to toe.
It does not matter where, or with who, or how you are feeling, you will always find a home in movement.
And movement will always be there to give you back what you need.
You will be living the life you had always dreamed about in the most amazing city, surrounded by the most amazing friends and family.
Every where you go, you acknowledge the challenges that lie ahead of you, and you tackle them in the best way you know how which is with laughter and belief and love.
The anxiety you feel now, the pressure and the words you hear whispered behind your back are not even a small drop in what you will overcome and achieve in the next few years.
The sacrifices you have made and continue to make all come around in the end when you feel that wind through your hair, the lights on your face, your mom in the audience in New York City, and the applause for everything that you represent; grit, grace, love, and passion.
Your strength and adversity will continue to shine, and you will be writing your teenage self a letter from an airplane going halfway across the world taking you on your next dance adventure!
Chin up baby girl, keep going!
Life is truly about the ups and downs and how magical the universe is at knowing exactly what you need, when you need it.
You are strong, beautiful, and one of a kind, and everything will be okay if you just keep moving and keep laughing loudly!
Love, Hannah

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