Cellular Respiration by Johannes Spiza

Cellular Respiration Equation: C6H12O6 + 6CO2 -> 6CO2 + 6H2O + 38 ATP. This process is an aerobic process (requires the use of oxygen). The reaction is catabolic.

In the mitochondria occurs Cellular respiration (in the inner membrane). The Mitochondria is also called the "Powerhouse" of the cell. Because they - converts energy stored in sugars, protein and lipids into ATP.
Glycolysis is the first step in Cellular respiration. It takes place in the cytoplasm and occurs in all living organisms. Glucose is used and the products are Pyruvic acid, 2 ATP and NADH. Prokaryotic and eukaryotic organism (all organisms) have this process.
The Krebs cycle is the second step in the cellular respiration. It takes place in the matrix of the mitochondria. In the Krebs cycle Pyruvate acid (from Glycolysis) is broken down into carbon dioxide and more NADH are made. FADH2 are also produced and 2 more ATP are released. CO2 leaves the mitochondria as a waste product.
The Electron Transport Chain is also known as oxidative phophorylation. The Electron Transport Chain occurs in the cristea of the mitochondria. In this process the NADH, FADH2 and high energy electrons from the Krebs cycle are used to convert ADP into ATP.- Oxygen is the reactant and water another product. Important in this Process is that Oxygen and the products of the Krebs cycle are necessary. Animals and humans have this process.

Cellular Respiration is important for us because it produces Energy and water, which we need to live and CO2, which is released in the air and which the plants can use for Photosynthesis to provide us with food and Oxygen.

Citation: I got the information from the notes we took in class.

Picture sources:http://media1.shmoop.com/images/biology/biobook_cellresp_graphik_3.png




Created with images by NICHD NIH - "Cells with nuclei in blue, mitochondria in green, and the actin cytoskeleton in red"

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