Finnish and Russian BRANDS

Many stereotypes revolve around each of the countries. And often people do not delve into what real values the country creates.

And so, let's look at the largest companies on the territory of the countries.

Taking each other's experience, we are getting better

What should Russian companies learn from Finnish business ?

  • At the first place! Plan
  • Restraint in negotiations
  • Perfectionism
  • Availability of the guide
  • Punctuality
  • More attention to detail
  • Manager stands shoulder to shoulder with subordinates!
  • Subordinates are considered important participants in the decision-making process
  • Goals and promises do not change

What Should Finnish companies learn from Russian business ?

  • At the first place! Orientation to productivity
  • Represent different situations in advance, visualize negotiations
  • Buildings teams
  • Administrative competence
  • Charismatic negotiations
  • Motivation through identifying needs and solving staff problems
I think if we sum up the experience of both countries, the ideal quintessence will turn out!
Created By
Katerina Kochkina

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