The Tempest PATRICK, Kalia, jeremy, Mathias, landen, charles

The formalist lense allows us to understand Shakespear's "The Tempest" and compare to "Forbidden Planet" to show that lying may be what is best in the present, but will ultimately end in disaster.
Landen didn't give us the notes for the origional movie...:/
The forbidden planet, a movie based off of Shakespeares "Tempest". A ship comes along to a new life form. Then comes along a man and his daughter, and robot service. Prospero, a man who has survived a strange phenomenon is to be a father to MIranda whom lives in this strange area. Miranda and the lieutenant of the crashed ship find love. The commander of the ship disapproves and soon after loses his guard for her good looks. Overnight, and invisible creater kills a member if the crew team, once the lieutentant dies, he realises that the invisible creater was someones subonciousness, Prosperos. Prosperothen tries to end this monster by destroying the plannet and letting the ship leave with is daughter.

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